What is Buzzotel?

Buzzotel is a unique service for hotels that combines automated revenue management & dynamic pricing along with complete suite of hospitality technology to directly increase business for hotels across the world. 

Why Buzzotel?

Buzzotel is one of the only solutions in hospitality industry that guarantees you success and increase in your business.

We guarantee increase in your hotel business by setting the best price for each sold room and minimize unsold rooms.

We help you increase efficiency and lower costs using fully integrated all-in-one hotel technology.

We help you save OTA commission and distribution costs by channelling more direct bookings.

What does Buzzotel do?

Automated Revenue Management:

Use of artificial intelligence to dynamically set rates based on factors like supply, demand and competition.

Rates are changed real-time, anytime 24x7, 365 days using a fully automated system.

Effective because rooms are perishable inventory with high fixed costs and low variable costs.

Successful in airline industry, still nascent in hotel industry.

Fully Integrated Hotel Technology: 

Buzzotel provides all technology relevant to the hotel industry as an integrated solution so that you can one-stop shop for all your needs and you do not have to work with multiple technology providers. More details on Buzzotel Products section.