Buzzotel Products

  • Automated Revenue Management
    Proprietary algorithms that use artificial intelligence to determine the best price for each room to maximize sales and occupancy.
  • Property Management System (PMS) 
    A cloud-based integrated PMS solution & mobile app that has 2 way connectivity with the Revenue manager & pricing system.
  • Channel Manager
    Connections to over 100 channels across the world with real-time ability to post inventory, rates and retrieve bookings.
  • Reviews & Reputation Management 
    Ability to measure your hotel reputation and reviews across all online channels, provide real-time notifications, and provide analytics and performance measurement.
  • Hotel Website  
    Create a one-click website for your hotel depending on information like photos, location, facilities provided by your hotel.
  • Booking Engine
    A one-click ready booking engine that integrates with our pricing system to get maximum direct bookings.
  • Direct Feedback System 
    Collect automated SMS based feedback from yours guest real-time during check-out without any additional hardware required in hotel.
  • Competition Rate Shopper 
    An easy accessible consolidated view see your rates compared to competition across all publicly available channels.
  • Meta-search manager
    Ensure your direct channel is visible and effective across meta-search platforms like Google, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Trivago, etc  
  • Analytics & data 
    An easy to use dashboard to access all data and analytics of your bookings, customer behaviour, and booking patterns that can help you make smarter decisions.
  • OTA Optimization
    Optimize your presence across all OTAs to ensure you get maximum value from all channels by boosting ranking.
  • Commission Tracker 
    Calculate the total commissions paid to OTAs each month and track the commissions per voucher. Ensure that your important commission payments are paid on time.
  • Accounting Support 
    Break down each booking into different accounting and tax headings to help you file your taxes and manage your accounting books.