Buzzotel Customers

Buzzotel provides revenue
management solutions for
100+ hotels and 2000+ rooms

Buzzotel Testimonials

  • Buzzotel helped us increase our monthly online sales from Rs 4 lacs per month to Rs 22 lacs per month using their automated pricing solution. They are extremely professional and prompt in their approach.

    Yuvraj SharmaOwner of Atithi Hotel, Guwahati
  • After working with Buzzotel, our hotel’s occupancy increased from 50% to 80% within 2 months. They are a very professional and prompt team.

    Owner of 45 room hotelTardeo, Mumbai
  • We witnessed a 3x growth in our monthly business by using dynamic rate managmement.

    MeghaOwner of heritage hotel in Kolkata
  • My peak-season business increased 2x times after I started using the pricing technology of Buzzotel

    Mate SzaboOwner Boss Apartments, Budapest, Hungary

Our Partners

Buzzotel integrates with some of the leaders in hospitality industry to ensure that we can provide integrated solutions for all your needs. Please find below some of the partners that we integrate with.